What will you do:
You will run a half marathon trough the streets and surroundings of Amsterdam, starting 13:00 o’clock with a time limit of 3 hours. Before you start, we will take a team photo and afterwards we will have a drink and a bite.

What to wear/bring:
What ever you feel comfortable in to run to perform your best performance. Monitor the weather forecast of that day closely and try to anticipate. Based on your information we will supply you with a Vibe Group short-sleeved running shirts, special event edition. Also don’t forget to bring a water bottle so you’ll stay hydrated during the race.

What's included:

  • Enlisted Vibers will get a privileged starting position at the Mizuno Half Marathon. 
  • A medal for all team members
  • A team photo before the start, download on the website afterwards
  • For every team member care at the start, along the course and at the finish
  • Exclusive access to the Business area on Stadionplein opposite the Olympic Stadium
  • For every team member a free welcome drink at the Business area
  • For every team member an Official Mizuno Race Shirt 2021 of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon

What’s not:

  • Transport to and from the event
  • Additonal drinks


Location: Business area Stadionplein opposite the Olympic Stadium
Date: Sunday 17th of October
Time: 12:00 – 16:00
Capacity: 20


Corona regulations
The start and finish area are organized as a walk-through activity, so as a participant you do not need a corona ticket. However, a vaccination certificate, a negative test on Covid-19, or proof of recovery in the last six months is mandatory for the public in the stands of the Olympic stadium. For everyone’s safety: in case you have symptoms, really feel sick, or have encountered someone who tested positive on corona, please let us know and stay at home.

Vibe Team

(registration is possible up to 20 participants until 3rd of October)

Axel Peeters
Juliette Bielschowsky
Boudewijn van Lierop
Bas van Liere
Vincent Zanoli
Jurjan de vries

Olivier Gleijm
Juliette Bielschowsky
Hauwert Leversteijn
Cas van Soest
Thijs Klijnstra
Joren Straatman

Michael Legierse
Viktor Meeuwes
Britt van der Klink
Dillan Meijer
Esmeralda Lauwers